2015. szeptember 14., hétfő

A csodás természet

A netet böngészve egy csodás képsorozatra akadtam. Azonban a képek előtt másolnám a hozzáfűzött szöveget is.. Csodás kaland lehetett... Egyszer én is szeretnék ilyen magas szinten - mint fotós, mint "hegymászó" - fotózni egyszer. 

Me and my husband frequently travel to beautiful places outside of our country, but this time we decided to explore the home country Latvia and visited Kemeri bog. It is more than 8000 years old and is one of the largest moss bogs on the Latvian cost. This place has become increasingly popular in the past two years since the footbridge was renovated, especially since it’s only about an hour’s drive from the capital city of Riga.
For the best morning sights, come to the tower at least thirty minutes before sunrise! Sky turns bright orange and you can appreciate the beauty of the thick fog. Small, delicate looking trees, spider webs covered in dew and absolute silence. Autumn is the best time to visit! The dark, clear nights without moon are perfect for viewing the Milky Way and the early mornings for fog covered scenery.
All of the pictures were made by my dear husband Jekabs Andrusaitis.